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Apply for instructions

You apply for personnel:

Welcome to our company to apply for, in order to more quickly and accurately reflect your personal information and the job requirements, now will resume request notification is as follows:

One, the material requirements

1. All materials should be true reflection of your personal circumstances, including your basic information, education, work experience, internship, etc.

2. The content should be corresponding to your resume is a reflection of the material support. Such as your diploma, degree certificate, id card, foreign language grade card, honorary certificate and related certificate copy of the original work units and internship units for your appraisal, etc.

3. The submitted materials, if acertained that does not conform to, will be disqualified from applying for. If not in conformity with my records, the company will not be received.

All meet the requirements of the job applicants, we will contact you within two weeks, and arrange the written test or interview.

Second, to apply for

1. The online registration

1) would you please direct click on the "on-line registration" on the company website to fill out the online application form;

2) in the form with "*" for a mandatory content;

3) please fill out the real situation in the job application and common contact, in order to contact.

2. Email to apply for

Applicants, please put the electronic CVS (must be a word document format, other formats refused) concurrent company E-Mail:zjydsj@zjydsj.net, in order to ensure that your email well served, please indicate on the mail subject "apply for the XXX position".

3. To the company or the phone to apply for:

Company's contact phone number and detailed address please see the "contact".

Address: Company address: Zhejiang Dongcheng Wenzhou Longgang Town Road 366 Phone: 86-0577-64181299 / 64195578 Fax: 86-0577-64195888 / 6419583
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