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Talent strategy

  Talent is the most important resource of enterprise, high-quality talent is the source of strength for the enterprise to create value, sustainable development,prosperous.

  Lianhua Company to "put one's heart and soul into customer service success" for business purpose. The achievements of great cause, the need to bring together a large number of marketing, management, production, research and development, human resources services to the common cast. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented", respect knowledge, respect talent: to create a good development space -- do keep people cause for talent; salary structure to skills and performance as the main index and improve the welfare policy -- do thetreatment to keep people; create a good corporate culture atmosphere, and continuously enhance the cohesion of the enterprise -- do keep people feeling.The company has established a scientific human resources management system, and gradually improve. Enterprises to give full play to their potential, foreveryone to play their own capabilities in space, the realization of self value.

  The establishment of efficient, fair, reward and punishment performance culture is a effective means to promote the employees' working enthusiasm and efficiency. The company attaches importance to improve the performance of employees, and give a fair evaluation and equity returns.

  Our philosophy is: with people who have both ability and political integrity, to Germany for the first. Talented and virtuous man reuse, non talented Germanpeople with caution, not only a man of virtue training, no de Man without.

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