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Green transparent film

Products: PVC color film, thickness: 0.1-0.5mm

- Color: can be customized (additive fluorescence)

Bin width (width): 400-1300mm

- use: gifts for PHR (hardness) of:20-50 (PHR)

Production process: rolling, tensile properties: more than 13Mpa

Add a small amount of pigment in the formula of PVC, can produce a variety oftranslucent crystal transparent series, products with Crystal Gloss, three-dimensional sense of strong. Can be customer requirements to give the productenvironmental protection cold, flame retardant, mildew, anti UV, anti-static and other special requirements; is suitable for manufacturing the transparent packing bag, product high quality transparent inflatable toys, blankets cover, bath curtain, table cloth and other high transparency, can screen printing / printing /offset printing, high frequency welding, sewing etc. processing etc.

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