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Super through white light

Products: PVC plus film, thickness: 0.1-2.0mm

Color: blue, light blue, white,

Bin width (width): 400-1300mm

- use: gifts for PHR (hardness) of:20-50 (PHR)

Production process: rolling, tensile properties: more than 13Mpa

Super transparent PVC film, also called core penetration membrane or crystalfilm, the product brightness, high transparency, clear as glass thickness inmultilayer coiling is still shining through the core. Can be customer requirementsto give the product environmental protection cold, flame retardant, mildew, anti UV, anti-static and other special requirements; is suitable for manufacturing thetransparent packing bag, product high quality transparent inflatable toys,blankets cover, bath curtain, table cloth and other high transparency, can screen printing / printing / offset printing, high frequency welding, sewing etc. processingetc..

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