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PVC film processing technology

PVC calendered film except a few directly for consumption field, most are throughagain to enter the field of consumption products processing. Such as PVC sheet flooring, swimming pool, shower curtain, raincoat, tablecloth etc.. Take me for many years engaged in film production and film deep processing technology to write out to share with you, to promote the film products deep processing towardsbetter and more refined direction.

A PVC film, PVC film printing, printing products wide range of uses, the direct use of a table cloth, bath curtain, raincoat, swimming pool and other products. PVCfilm printing, also can do the composite cloth, compound PVC sheet flooring. It can be said that the PVC film printing, is the foundation of PVC film printingproducts deep processing.

Process of PVC film printing are mainly used in gravure printing, screen printing,and digital printing.

Say first intaglio printing, gravure printing, offset and letterpress printing has always been famous, is the important composition part of printing process. With the development of printing technology and process change, always occupy a space for one person in gravure printing process in the main. Gravure printingbecause of its layout characteristics and the name. In gravure printing plate,graphic part lower than the blank part, and gaps in the same radius surface. In print, in the pages of all part of the first, and then use the ink scrape along theempty part of the scraper surface, through the pressure, the lower concavenetwork points within the ink directly transferred to the substrate surface.Because of its unique printing mode, which makes the gravure printing has the following five advantages.

(1) the ink layer thick, bright colors

(2) plates, relatively low cost

(3) the pattern has lasted for continuous printing is the printing plate in theprinting plate drum package, therefore, always have a disconnected regions,gravure gravure plate making is different, because the operation is performed directly in the cylinder, as long as the patterns do seamless splicing, can getcontinuous rolling pattern on the substrate.

(4) to adapt to a wide range of gravure printing can be printed in the traditionalpaper, but also can be printed on the film, aluminum foil, paper and other materials on transfer.

(5) suitable for long-term investment because the technology of gravure printingis more complex, the technique content is high, investment is large, is not easy to cause the blind development and lead to vicious competition.

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